We Will Walk With You


We're always on the lookout for helpful information to support your family in its pursuit of a better quality of life!


We bring guest speakers to you to discuss perspectives and resources that may be helpful to youth or young adults with disabilities and their parents and siblings.

Each month, we offer opportunities for you to learn, discuss, and interact with topics that can help your family.  All of these events are listed in our Events calendar (click on the tab at the top of the site to go there.)



As we network with the local community, among nonprofit organizations, and with others serving families to yours across the United States and around the world, we find great resources that we’re happy to share.

We try to share links to these resources through our social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), and plan to offer blog content as well.

If there’s something specific that you need, please send us a message through the contact form on this website!



We like to share evidence-based insights to give you a knowledge boost.

Several members of our Board of Directors, as well as volunteers and others affiliated with us, have extensive education and experience to share with you. We follow research publications and can tap into databases of articles, blogs, recorded audio or video content, and help you access what’s “top of mind” for you.

Often, knowing more about a subject, what has been tried, and the evidence for one approach over another, can unlock solutions that help a family move from survival to thriving. We stand ready to guide you to research findings that may be helpful for you and your family in your own journey.



We want to connect you to  other organizations and groups to get what you need.

There are some great tools that  help build our local community of support. We can recommend lists and contacts for services and supports in almost every category imaginable. It is not our goal to “reinvent the wheel” and duplicate effective services that are efficiently and thoroughly addressing the needs of families who have children with disabilities. Where appropriate, we are happy to direct you to a community agency with whom we partner or whose reputation is solid. 

Ask us for a referral! You’ll be glad you did!

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