We Will Walk With You

Our Story

When we began our journey to serve other families, we did not have a child of our own (out of eight from a blended family) or a grandchild with a disability. Now, we do! Our precious granddaughter was born with a visual impairment. Our own daughter and her husband are wrestling with the implications of that impairment – some days more successfully than others! As grandparents, we also mourned the lack of vision, but we’re learning daily how to support our loved ones.

Families have changing needs throughout the lifespan. We Will Walk With You every step of the way!

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Ann Feeney/ Beth Hathaway, OTD/ Chuck Hester/ Fred Hathaway/ Vandna Munshi, PhD/ Vinay Raman

Board of Directors

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Each Board member has personal or vocational experience with disability

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