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Thrive Groups – Chats and relationship-building for parents – in person!


Each month, we gather together to let parents chat with one another and build strong friendships. Finding others who can identify with what it’s like to raise a child with a disability and/or be mindful of the needs of siblings can be such a blessing. We believe in the value of cross-pollination: meeting parents whose children have a different Dx can yield insights, creative ideas, and even distract us (in a good way!) from the demands we feel in our own families.


While there may be times when the parents at the Thrive Group may have a child older or younger, that’s okay too; it’s good to meet others with more and less experience than us. While no two journeys are alike, someone else’s lived experience often presents an opportunity for us to glean or sow.


We are holding one meeting at the beginning of each month for in-person sharing. As the group grows, there will be breakouts into smaller groups for more personal sharing. The breakout groups could be by child’s age, geography, Dx, etc. – it depends on what parents want to discuss.


In addition to the Thrive Groups, we also gather parents together online for Workshops (need link here) to source expertise from outside the group on specific topics as requested by participating parents.


Sibling Groups – Where children can play and chat with others like them!


It’s so important for siblings to have a comfortable setting to play with other children who have a brother or sister with a disability or delay. One can imagine that it may be difficult to talk to parents or school peers about the highs and lows of being the brother or sister. A combination of play time and discussion time is ideal to provide the safe space for relationships and trust to be built. Experienced facilitators who are siblings themselves lead these groups. 


Currently, we are offering the Sibling Groups to elementary and middle school siblings of those with a disability. Rather than create a brand new program, we are partnering with Special Siblings to offer these programs in the local community.


Thrivers – Social outings and volunteer opportunities for young adults.


These gatherings began in the Fall of 2022 and offer those with a disability aged 18-35 an opportunity to interact with others who have traditionally have less opportunities for socialization and want to give back to the local community. Some of the events being planned include: dancing, hiking, museum trips, art classes, bowling, swimming, fine arts/theater, coffee shop socials, holiday parties, packing meals, sorting books for children, kit making for charities, and cards for those in the hospital. Schedule: (need link here)

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